The Lanveur Gua Sha Ritual System

Practicing the facial gua sha Lanveur At-Home Facial will lift, sculpt, smooth, plump, tighten, and revigorate skin while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye circles and puffiness.

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What Does Beauty Mean to Us?

We believe beauty is a holistic concept that goes far beyond the superficial instant short-term skin tightening effects.

Radiant beauty is merely a natural display of vitality & health. Thus we offer a 100% natural and holistic Gua Sha products that aims to improve facial beauty through reverse aging and boost body health in the long run.

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Support Skin Health From Within

Although every single Gua Sha can sculpt & lift your face to a certain level, what truly makes this effect long-lasting & beneficial is Gua Sha’s ability to improve our overall body health, which includes:

detox, cleanse, boost skin immunity, lymphatic drainage, release stress, and help improve sleep problems.

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  • "To me, Lanveur is more than just Gua Sha.

    It’s about taking time to care for myself. Every day I am reminded by this ritual that myself is well worth taking good care of.

    It made me feel so good. Doing my ritual at night helped calm me and relax, and I slept better.

    To me, Gua Sha’s effects are both internally and physically, I look better and I am happier than before!"   

    Donna M.

  • "I gua sha every morning to jump-start my day. It helps drain the bloats from my face after I wake up, and I am confident to walk into my workpace when I look awesome! I bring it with me when I travel as well. It's literally my source of security."

    Jean F.

  • "I had other gua sha tools but this one is my favorite!

    I could tell this one is different the moment I have it in my hand. The edge’s shape fits my jaw perfectly, and the stone is quite comfortable on my sensitive face.

    I have just used this for a month and I already see improvement in my complexion. Looking forward to sculpting and lifting my jawlines too!"

    Maria G.

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