Our Purpose

Blending historic wisdom with modern evidence, Lanveur is an all-natural skincare atelier that provides herbal-based, science-backed products to support, nurture and radically enhance the golden years of women's pro-aging journey.

Because true beauty is less about the fountain of youth, and more about the fountain of well-being, our philosophy is rooted in holistic, herbal-harmonious formulations that build and boost the hidden secret to vitality: skin immunity.

With gentle yet highly-effective herbs, essential oils, and botanicals, our formulas are meticulously designed to recover skin strength, elasticity, and moisture - key factors that directly affect the way skin looks and feels at age 50+ - with the intention to restore your skin, reclaim your confidence, and re-energize your natural glow within. 


To empower 50+ women to embrace their natural beauty, reclaim their confidence & celebrate the journey of aging gracefully.

Age is just a number - not a measurement of beauty.

We believe all women, across all ages, are naturally beautiful. From smile wrinkles and frown lines to sun spots, every beauty mark that tells the story and strength of women should be honored.

Our vision is to provide a pro-aging skincare routine for mature, wise women, empowering them to embrace their natural beauty, reclaim their confidence and celebrate the journey of aging with a newfound sense of grace. 


To formulate holistic, herbal-based & science-backed skincare that supplements everyday skin wellness; boosting skin immunity, vitality & overall longevity. 

Beauty goes far beyond cosmetics, chemicals and chasing a younger version of self. Instead, beauty is an extension of well-being. An outer expression of your inner world. And the sentiment of a healthy body, mind and state of being. 

Preserving the natural beauty of 50+ women, our mission is to formulate holistic, herbal-based and science-backed skincare that supplements everyday skin wellness. Made with clean, non-toxic and high-performing plant-based ingredients that are meticulously prepared, formulated and refined by herbal experts, we aim to boost skin immunity, vitality and overall longevity from root to radiance. 

Natural Ingredients to the Rescue

~ Herbal-based ~ 

Inspired by nature. Rooted in the ancient philosophies of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, each herbal-based product is carefully formulated by expert herbalists to extract the medicinal essence of nature. 

~ Evidence-proven ~

Backed by science. We collaborate with top researchers and experts at leading universities (including Stanford and UCLA) to ensure our ingredients are extensively researched, carefully prepared and meticulously refined through an evidence-proven lens. 

~ Pro-ageing ~ 

Ageless at heart. Embracing the gift and grace of the aging journey, our purpose is to help 50+ women feel beautiful, look radiant and live confidently at all ages of life. 

~ Whole-body ~ 

A balanced state of being. Taking a whole-body approach to skin wellness, our historical herbal formula is specially designed to remedy root imbalance and illness, bringing harmony to the mind, body and spirit, holistically.

Our Promise

More than 30,000 patients have visited our herbal clinic in Brooklyn, NY over the past 20 years, and every single woman is part of our success story. We observed, listened, and refined the herbal formula over time to find what works.

The mind-body connection is powerful, and Lanveur Skincare inspires you to see yourself in a more positive, healthy way. Focus on the essentials, infuse your skin with healing moisture, and celebrate the features that make you uniquely beautiful.

How We Started

Meet Sophia Anderson. Officially, she is a herbalist, formulator and the founder of Lanveur Skincare. Essentially, she is a brave survivor and bold woman with a passion for merging inner well-being with outer beauty.

At the age of 54, Sophia Anderson was diagnosed with lung cancer and cervical cancer. After going through two major surgeries in the same year, Sophia recovered from cancer medically, but emotionally, mentally and physically she still didn’t feel like her true, energized and authentic self. 

After both surgeries, Sophia discovered her skin becoming dry, dull and saggy. No glow. No suppleness. No natural sparkle that comes from a healthy body and happy mind. Apart from her skin symptoms post surgery, Sophia’s hair also began to thin and fall out - she was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, a rare disease whereby the immune system attacks hair follicles.

For the first time in Sophia’s journey, she realized the interconnectedness of inner well-being and outer beauty. And no matter how many chemical-laden topical products she applied, she needed to restore her health, her energy and her skin from the inside-out. Naturally. Holistically. And with intention. Ditching the harsh chemicals and invasive treatments, despite the doctor's orders, Sophia began her search for natural yet highly-effective products that could nourish her skin by nourishing her well-being. She tried every carrier oil, every active and every natural product that claimed to work. But with each tried, tested and failed attempt, Sophia realized that she had to take her health into her own hands. 

Sophia became fascinated with the ancient European, Chinese, and Ayurvedic philosophies of medicine, and soon discovered that the golden thread that binds them together is founded on a single mutual belief: the power of herbs in synergy.

This harmony, created by the individual herbs working together like an orchestra or a team, has been proven through centuries of practice and experience. Even science is beginning to catch up, with recent studies showing the increased efficacy of ancient herbal formulations. For example, a Chinese herbal formula for eczema saw a dramatic improvement in previously unresponsive patients when an extra herb was added to the mix. So why not do the same and turn back the clock on any signs of aging using nature’s most potent components that achieve herbal harmony, a state of unison that unlocks unmatched healing properties of natural herbs?

As Sophia looks towards the oldest cultures in the world, she realizes that they have so much knowledge to impart. Herbalism addresses the root illness without any damaging chemicals or coverups. By rebuilding our immunity, stabilizing inner peace, and detoxifying whole-body systems, herbalism promotes radiance from within. 

Guided by the world’s leading anti-aging scientists, herbal clinics, and green chemists, Sophia adjusted Lanveur’s formulas from historical formulas. And has since ignited a new era within the skincare industry, one that sees, understands and empowers women - across all ages of life - to embrace their natural beauty, reclaim their confidence & celebrate the gift and grace of growing through life. 

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